What’s up with
this font?

Dyslexia Friendly Font at TEquity

At TEquity, we are committed to inclusivity and accessibility. That’s why we’ve chosen to use the OpenDyslexic Font, a typeface specifically designed to support individuals with dyslexia, enhancing readability and comprehension.

Breaking Down Barriers

Our goal is to bridge the digital divide by offering culturally responsive technology education programs that inspire and empower students of color to become confident creators, problem solvers, and innovators in the ever-evolving tech landscape. We aim to equip them with the necessary technical skills, foster their creativity and critical thinking abilities, and provide a supportive community that nurtures their growth and success.

Key Features of OpenDyslexic Font

Increased Readability

The font's design minimizes letter confusion, making it easier for individuals with dyslexia to distinguish between characters.

Enhanced Comprehension

OpenDyslexic Font incorporates subtle adjustments that contribute to improved text recognition and understanding.

Accessible Learning

Our choice of OpenDyslexic Font aligns with our commitment to fostering an inclusive space where everyone can engage with our content effortlessly.

Join Us in Promoting Accessibility

TEquity invites you to join us in promoting accessibility and inclusivity. By using OpenDyslexic Font, we hope to contribute to a more inclusive online experience for individuals with dyslexia and beyond.

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Questions or Suggestions?

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our use of OpenDyslexic Font or our commitment to accessibility, please feel free to reach out to us. We value your feedback and are dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for all.

Thank you for being a part of TEquity’s journey toward a more accessible and inclusive online presence.