Welcome to TEquity, where we're not just teaching kids to code – we're preparing them for a future of innovative problem-solving and tech leadership.

Here’s how we do it:

Expert-Led Instruction

At the heart of our program are industry professionals with a passion for sharing their knowledge. Each student benefits from hands-on lessons and insights from seasoned pros.

Real-World Application

Our courses aren't just about theory. From day one, students delve into practical applications, working on projects that tackle real-world problems. By marrying coding, AI, and web design, they learn to think critically, innovate, and create solutions that matter.

Physical Learning Space

We believe in the power of a conducive learning environment. Our physical office space is more than just a classroom; it's a hub for collaboration, community, and in-depth learning.

Community Connection

We're deeply rooted in our community. Through our liaisons, we maintain a close relationship with schools and local institutions, ensuring our program aligns with the broader educational goals and serves the community's needs.


We welcome students up to the age of 21, believing that everyone, regardless of age, deserves an opportunity to acquire these vital tech skills and contribute meaningfully to the digital era.

Join us and be a part of this transformative journey. At TEQUITY, we’re not just shaping coders; we’re molding the tech leaders of tomorrow.


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