Our Founders’ Story:

Mercedes Robinson

the initial visionary behind TEquity in Action, witnessed firsthand the sharp disparities in access to technology and educational resources as an educator in New York City public schools during the pandemic. "I saw clearly who was considered and who was left behind. This sparked a mission within me—to normalize tech education for every child, addressing the inequities that the pandemic sharply highlighted." With her extensive background in DEI work and her time teaching, she was driven to bridge the tech industry's divide for students of color.

Alexander Waitt

after OpenAI went public, Alex noticed the quick impact of unequal access to technology. His work with mental health startups and non-profits focused on sharing knowledge ethically. The OpenAI experience strengthened his view: we need proactive solutions to tech disparities. "In the fast-changing tech world, we must ensure it binds us together rather than tears us apart. By being proactive, we can shape a future where technology serves every community equitably."

Upon their meeting, Mercedes and Alexander identified a synergistic opportunity. Mercedes’ firsthand experience with educational disparities complemented Alexander’s insights from the OpenAI landscape.Their collective expertise merged into a singular vision: TEquity in Action, a mission dedicated to ensuring that technology empowers everyone.

The Vision

This collaboration was founded on a shared vision—a world where every student, regardless of their background, has the chance to engage in tech education and access leadership and innovation opportunities in the tech industry. The pair recognized the diversity gaps in the tech sector, and in the face of the significant underrepresentation of students of color, the essence of TEquity took shape.

From Vision to Reality

In 2023, fueled by their shared mission, Mercedes and Alexander, alongside a small, devoted team, established TEquity. They set out to create programs empowering students of color with the tech skills and resources necessary to navigate and excel in the digital age.

Why Tech Inclusion Matters

At TEquity, diversity in technology transcends mere social justice—it’s a driver for innovation. By dismantling barriers and obstacles and opening doors, we focus on changing individual lives while reshaping the tech industry for the better.


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