Tracks and Courses

Immerse yourself in our hands-on, culturally-relevant tech courses designed to empower diverse innovators. From coding to robotics, our offerings cultivate essential skills and creativity for community impact. Our unique model connects college student instructors with middle and high school students, fostering collaborative learning across generations. Additionally, college students gain invaluable experience working alongside industry professionals, preparing them for future tech careers. Together, we nurture an inclusive ecosystem empowering the next generation of tech leaders.

App Development

Dive into the world of mobile app development and learn to create innovative applications for iOS and Android platforms. Master programming languages, design principles, and deployment strategies to bring your app ideas to life.


Explore the fascinating realm of cybersecurity and gain essential skills to protect digital systems and data from threats. Understand ethical hacking techniques, network security protocols, and best practices for safeguarding online environments.

Game Design

Unleash your creativity and design immersive gaming experiences. Learn game development principles, storytelling techniques, and programming languages to craft engaging narratives, captivating visuals, and interactive gameplay.

Web Development

Build dynamic and responsive websites from the ground up. Master front-end and back-end technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and popular frameworks, to create seamless user experiences across devices.


Discover the art of filmmaking and storytelling through hands-on projects. Explore cinematography, editing, sound design, and visual effects to bring your creative visions to the screen and captivate audiences.


Bring characters and worlds to life through the magic of animation. Learn traditional and digital animation techniques, character design, storyboarding, and motion graphics to create engaging animated content.


Explore the fascinating world of robotics and gain hands-on experience in designing, building, and programming robots. Develop skills in mechanical engineering, electronics, and coding to create innovative robotic solutions.

Intro to Programming

Embark on your coding journey and learn the fundamentals of programming languages and problem-solving techniques. This course lays the foundation for more advanced programming concepts and applications.

PC and Network Building

Gain a deep understanding of computer hardware, software, and networking principles. Learn to build, configure, and troubleshoot PCs, servers, and networks, preparing you for careers in IT support and system administration.


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